H is for…. well… Hollywood and a bunch of other places

A DJ and rapper at High Society

I’ve been procrastinating for about a month about what to post for the letter H. Really, I don’t like any of the bars I’ve visited that start with H. But there are some that I probably should visit. Here’s a brief summary of the H’s as far as I know. Most of them are called Hollywood. And hey. What the fuck do I know?
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A is for Atlantis – Angeles City

Ok so I’m gonna try and do this. The A-Z of bars (good or bad) that I may be found in from time to time… allegedly.

Atlantis is a mega club more or less the first bar in Walking St, Fields Ave. Generally it’s well known as having a lot of stunners and a massive possibly three levels. The first thing you notice is how large it is! And I’m not talking about what’s in that guys pants.

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