One night in Bangkok – Eden Club

Pulled into Nazareth, was feeling about half-past dead. I just needed some place where I could get my dick sucked. Luckily it wasn’t Nazareth, it was Bangkok. And they know how to Bang Cock in Bangkok. [ed: sorry for the bad dad joke, but I kinda chortled a bit when I read that].

Eden Club

If you’ve never been to Eden Club, do yourself a fucking favour and sit your arse down at the bar. I can not describe what a paradise this place is in words.

I was recommended this place by a friend who told me the following things would happen:

  1. I would enter and be greeted by a crazy Frenchman. He actually told me to be a Crocodile and take what I wanted.
  2. Girls to the left of the line were into anal, girls on the right were not so much, but they all loved girl-on-girl action
  3. Choose a girl and then she will choose her girl. The choice is hers and “why fuck one, when you can fuck two” as the Frenchman says.
  4. When you go into the room, they wouldn’t fuck you until you’d already come once.

So as per instructions, I entered the joint and was greeted by the aforementioned Frenchman. He proceeded to tell me the ‘rules’? (wrong word, maybe more like ‘guidelines’?) and I swallowed my second Chivas.

glass and a half of Chivas makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way

The parade came and I chose a girl who actually walked past and smiled. I like that kinda stuff. When you are a permanent resident of red light districts, human connections (like a smile) are valuable. She chose a girl and we proceeded upstairs (actually, I think it was next door and upstairs!).

Entered the room and was given the most thorough scrubbing I’ve ever experienced. Like I didn’t have an inch of inside or outside skin that wasn’t scrubbed. My epidermis was clean. And that included the bit between my ball sack and my arsehole.

The girls asked what I wanted. I shyly suggested that they get it on. If you’ve ever seen a new chef arrive at his station rolling out his knives you’d understand the scene I saw next. Basically the first girl reached into her bag and rolled out a bag full of dildos and vibrators. It took about 3 seconds to choose the three headed (anus, vagina and clitoris for those following at home) pleasure machine.

Seriously, I nearly blew a load just writing this and remembering it.

So after they had both exhausted themselves I was invited to join. Things started with a good old tonguing all over. Yep… including the wrinkly areas. Jesus himself only knows these pleasures and I’m sure he found them in Eden.

After all of this the fucking and blowing my load all over her tits was a bit of an anti-climax, but still better than… well… a whole bunch of shit that I can think of. In fact it was fucking awesome how she nuzzled into me and said “please come on my face”. Yeah, that was nice.

After the deed we all cleaned up together, another thorough shower and then the coy exchanges of “that was nice” and “I’m not sure I can walk downstairs yet”.

Got to the bar downstairs and enjoyed another Chivas before heading off to Soi Cowboy. They always say you should never go shopping hungry and now I really know what “they” mean. Before you go out, always blow your load over some anal loving lesbian couple who will clean you thoroughly before *and* after.

Rock’n’roll Motherfuckers.


4 Replies to “One night in Bangkok – Eden Club”

  1. I am a bisexual gal and my amazing man joined me to Eden two weeks ago, both our first time, both stoked on the reviews & pledged open-mindedness and service to couples. Being another recent experience, Anthony and I may share the same disdain — though we intend to go back very soon, regardless of our woes.

    We were charmed at the front lady & French owner’s warmth and reassurance through pleasant conversation, answering questions, and their effort to ease our worries that the working girls weren’t unhappy. Dis is important for bizniss.

    While we pushed through our own emotions quickly through the lineup pick your servicewoman-part, our empathy was throbbing and we were put off by the apparent fatigue and lack of loving their lives of our girls (well, all of them in line didn’t seem like the land of smiles outside Eden’s doors has proven). Activities embarked and while we both got off several times, it was hard to enjoy being so mechanical, as Anthony said, with little to zero intimacy initiated between the girls not really us.

    I’m sort of journal articalling now – but hopefully this is insightful to you & readers…! The two of us Did begin to enjoy our company and services when we finally ‘cracked’ em. Being a lady too, I bonded with them over jokes and made them feel more comfortable – more human, less robot service jackeroff-er. They didn’t push drinks, and were very honest and sweet once cracked.

    I’ll just conclude by also affirming the general vibe of the place beyond talking to French man was not extremely sophisticated, professional, enthused nor mindblowing. We are grateful for the freedom to exercise our fantasies and to have met two girls who opened up to us as 4 people in a room, sharing emotions, funny noises and fluids.

    We’re going back, and I hope I see this triple head thing Mike speaks of !!

    1. Thanks, Mackenzie. Really enjoyed reading this and good to have some recent experience. I get really tired of the ‘mechanical’ nature of the industry and before I go into full “back in my day” mode, I do think that making a connection first is one of the reasons I prefer bar hopping.

      Thanks again! Really appreciate you taking the time.

  2. I would like to advise all friend who read this article that this place no longer as wonderful as you think now. I just recently went there and I would say the girls selection is worst nightmare number one. All woman are either fat or old or both. Many had children more than 10 years old. You imagine yourself.

    Service not as good as well. No massage no flirting no chatting, straight away jump into action and want you to blow up as quick as you can. Both the women don’t even touch among themselves throughout the whole session. Terrible.

    And one more thing, the girls will force you to buy them drink as well. 200+ each drink. So the total damage will be 7000+ including your own drink. Just think about it. With this kind of money, you really can’t get a better option? ??

    Please avoid this place as much as you can.

    1. Thanks Anthony! Great update. I haven’t been there since this post so I guess the old French dude is losing his marbles and doesn’t give a fuck any more. Really appreciate the update. I may pop in there in a couple of weeks as I love fat old milfs from time to time.

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