List of Bars in Perimiter Road, Angeles City

Perimeter is an area further towards Clark in AC. The bars are looser, often day-drinking bars originally there for base personel to partake in the carnal pleasures of the Philippines. Don’t expect too much and you won’t be let down.

Here’s a list of bars that I know about

  • After School
  • Babydolls Club
  • Blue Flame
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Candy Bar
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Cool Mango
  • det5 – This place used to open at mid-day so I spent probably a good 8 hours drinking. When it came time to bar fine, the girl I wanted had probably consumed a fair portion of what I had so she was vomiting in the bathroom. I paid the fine anyway because [insert nice guy stuff] and told the mamasan it was my fault. Hopefully she wasn’t flogged.
  • Diamond Sports Bar
  • Drill Shack – love this place too, fucking dive bar, but I love it
  • Garfields Last Stand – this place is an institution
  • Hangout Plus – sounds like a project Google would have cancelled
  • Honey Ko’s Bar – wonderful old time Philippines drinking bar
  • Ice Bar – cold. but nips out for the boys. Very ‘biker bar’ vibe and I like it.
  • Josie Hi Bar
  • Luscious – used to be Jolly Frog and Banana Peel
  • Mischief Bar – very cool bar and if I remember there are sometimes comedy skits on stage.
  • Nifty’s
  • Night Moves
  • Orange Bar
  • Pan Am Bar
  • Platinum
  • Roadie’s
  • Za Za

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