List of Bars in P Burgos St, Makati, Manila

  • Blush – not been
  • Bottoms – nice place, good for late night, generally high quality, high price, uninterested but good looking LBFMs
  • Bourbon – yowch, I got so drunk here a few times. Good at ripping off tourists but probably okay
  • Crazy Horse – like it here, cowboy themed, nice girls but the music doesn’t match. Pool comps upstairs
  • Enchanted – no review
  • G String – no review
  • Go Go Bananas – no review
  • Hollywood – I try to stay away from here generally
  • Ivory Jungle Bar – no review
  • Jools – I like it here, but it can be a bit “too cool” for my tastes
  • Mixed Nuts – comedy bar – keep an open mind, I like it
  • Montana Bar – no review
  • Moulin Rouge – closed now, but used to be dirty whorehouse where you could get a blowjob at the table. Now a shisha place sadly
  • Plan B – from outer space? Nope… no review
  • Rascals – pushy, be wary. Experiences may vary
  • Ringside – midget boxing and wrestling + bikini girls
  • Rogues – fun hangout for expats, girls not amazing, but comfortable
  • Shampoo – happy hour is great, outside of that, becomes a bottomless money pit
  • Stardust – known for being busted for underage girls, I’ve stayed away
  • Tickles – tee hee, no review
  • Wow Wow Wow – dive bar with girls. My kinda joint

See my review on P Burgos St Bars for more details.

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