K is for… Kokomo’s

Before I start banging on about Kokomo’s, I wanted to say sorry. Sorry I’ve let my writing down a bit. I mean it’s not like I’m George R R Martin and it’s not like you’re waiting for the next instalment of Tyrion bringing a honeycomb and a jackass to a whore house. Thanks to those that have been hassling me to write more.

Kokomos Menu Inside
Kokomos Menu Inside. 10% discount for hotel guests. Does that count for short time?

The truth is, dear reader, I’ve been a bit fucking sick and a bit fucking down because of that. Some pretty major shit health-wise and also quite obviously fucking sad waiting for the latest season of Game of Thrones and the subsequent disappointment. Nearly as disappointed as when they renamed Lancelot Bar in Angeles City to King’s Landing Bar and then back again to Lancelot Again Bar. Fuck. Can’t keep up.

The view from the neck straightening business above Lancelot… I mean King’s Landing… I mean Lancelot Again

Anywahhh… can’t talk about King’s Landing bar for letter K so I’m going with Kokomo’s. It’s an institution in Angeles City situated right in the middle of Field’s Walking Street. It’s not the normal sort of establishment that I would write about but it is a decent place to people-watch any time of the day or night.

A club sandwich and fries
A club sandwich and fries. Food of the Gods.

The food is so-so, and the coffee is not up with those Shanghai Hipsters, but there is a certain quaintness about this place. If you ignore the constant barrage of sunglass and watch salesmen, it’s ok. I once asked a guy selling DVD’s if he had some porn and he handed me a copy of James Cameron’s Titanic. I thought that maybe he had given me an ‘alternate’ version but when I put it in the DVD player in my apartment it was literally a Handycam version of the 1997 movie. Not even a tittae to show for it.

* Grammarly tells me the word "Salesmen" is a bit outdated and non-inclusive so to consider words like Salespeople or Sales Associates. But fuck that. These fake Rolex toting fuckers are all guys. 

I digress…

If you’re feeling like drinking and playing pool with some pretty girls (well, the quality varies) – and let’s face it, who doesn’t – then Voodoo Bar is right next door.

Kokomos Menu Front Cover
Kokomos Menu Front Cover

In summary, Kokomo’s may not be The Connaught, but it’s got a charm that can really only be earned by a million or so jaded Joe’s ordering their pancakes and coffee while peering into the entrance of Monsoon or Shipwrecked.

My rating?

I give Kokomo’s 5 brewed coffees and a Rolex.

Mike X

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