J is for … Fuck all. Mini-reviews and apathy!

Ok so we’re up to the letter J

Basically, there are no interesting bars starting with J. Correct me in the comments if you are an internet troll. Go on. I dare you. We’ll be drinking in a bar starting with another letter next week!

So here goes.

JD Sports Bar – Angeles City

So I was out on the prowl pretty early looking for a place to watch the local sports team on the telly. Mid-afternoon I rolled into JD’s. Apparently, it was just opening and along with that came a full Catholic Church blessing and a hundred bacon burgers. I helped them christen the place and I’m sure the priest thought I was something from the bowels of hell, but who cares. Not really a girly bar, but when I went there I saw a couple of good looking girls.

The pope heads to the Philippines
After this, he’s off to Angelwitch for a few Jager Bombs.

Jools – Makati

Ok – it’s kinda a good bar but … I don’t even know about this. I find the girls there are really pushy and I’m not really interested so much in that. However, a good buddy of mine picked up a real stunner there once. For me, there’s no consistency, but hey – I probably departed for Wow Wow Wow across the street.

The problem with kids these days is… oh hello!

Jungle Jims – Soi Cowboy

Ok, so I got a blowjob here a few times. Yep. More than once. The last time I went to Jungle Jims I had three girls doing the deed. Well – one girl at least, one I’m not so sure about, and the other was their mamasan. They did it under a blanket on the chair because there were other customers there. After it was done this crazy Russian guy clapped. And that’s the story about how I got the clap in Thailand.

Jungle Jims Soi Cowboy
The view outside is more enticing than the view inside.

Ok, so I can’t for the life of me think of any other bars starting with J.


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