I is for… (VO2) Ice Bar, Pattaya, Thailand

Imagine for a second that you’re walking down the street. It’s high 30’s (Celsius) and a million percent humidity. Beckoning you on your right is another girly bar where you are sure there will be 100 of the same girls vying for your attention. On the left – like a cool breeze on your sweaty face – is the VO2 Ice Bar. Wow.

The first thing you get when you walk into the ice bar is relief from the hot, sweaty air outside. It’s gorgeous. Then you see the girls.

Vodka held between a womans breasts
From their Facebook page

So Ice bar is not *that* kind of bar (as far as I’m aware). But the girls that work here are cute and friendly, and it’s a great place to get drunk and talk shit with your buddy before heading on to somewhere ridiculous.

Just next to the main bar, through a door, there’s a large open refrigerator that is turned down to (I think) below -13 deg Celsius. The bar in here is made of ice and so are the carved statues. Importantly, the vodka is syrupy and cold.

If you feel the cold then there are large fur coats you can take in with you. But for me… I’m all good with a t-shirt.

Ice statues in VO2 Ice Bar
It’s getting COLD in here

It’s RIGHT in the middle of Walking St, so you can fuck off down to Crazy Russian Girls, hang out at Windmill or go back to Sugar Baby A Go-Go in a hop, skip and a jump.

Sugar Baby A Go-go
Sugar Baby A Go-go

The best thing is that the staff get dressed up in this outfit to keep warm! And My word it’s sweaty in here.

The Ice Bar Mascot
The Ice Bar Mascot

If you’re there, and you are friendly, ask to try the Tom Yum. They make this themselves and it tastes FUCKING AMAZING. Like spicy, flavoursome, vodka. Just get some of it inside you. You won’t regret it… immediately.

Tom Yum. Spice infused Vodka.
This is the best drink in Pattaya

So this review is a bit of a deviation (yeah, I’m a fucking deviant!) from tits, arse and pussy, but so what? You’ll appreciate it when you can hang out in London-like weather in the middle of Pattaya!


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