D is for Dunk Shot – Angeles City

So I really thought I was going to go with Dollhouse for this one. Dollhouse is a great place with some 9’s and mostly 7-8’s just doing their thing with some spectacular floor shows. After a visit last week I decide I would have to change what I had for D and go with Dunk Shot

Sorry Dollhouse. It’s not your time.

“Why?” you may ask. And that’s a perfectly good fucking questions. Firstly let me tell you why not.

  1. It’s really for rich pinoys who prefer light skinned normal (western) looking girls.
  2. You’ll get a lot of pressure to buy drinks
  3. There’s no bar fine. [Say What!!??] Yeah.. can’t take-out. But you probably can get a number or two if you’re up for a game of “I have a problem”
  4. It’s dark. REALLY FUCKING DARK in there, so do yourself a favour and take your night vision goggles, oh and while you’re at it…
  5. NO CELLPHONES. The bouncers take them at the door and can securely hold them for you. Or you can leave the fuckers at home because you have better things to do than play candy crush.

So apart from those things there are some really good looking “home grown and down-home” girls there. They are smart (well, most of them) and can hold a really good English conversation without a nosebleed.

Also – if you’re into something in particular – ask. You’d be surprised what turns up at your table.

Because there’s no cameras allowed here’s a selfie of some girl I found on the internet to break it up a bit.

So my story begins like any other – was wandering around trying to find something new (this was about 2015-ish – I can’t be certain as my memory is a bit fucked). Decided to take a wander into Dunk Shot. When I say “wander” I did some research and got a trike there.

On entry I discovered the minimum two drink rule. “No problem,” I said “what’s the maximum?” I was shown to a table and sat down, drink arrived, happy days.

The general way it works is that the girls rotate through a pretty tame strip show on the stage. Even if they’re having a drink with you, they need to do their rotation. I was a bit jealous when my absolute stunner psychology major had to go on stage and parade around in her birthday suit for the 50 or so guys, but really happy when she ventured back to my table and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Yeah. I’m a sucker.

Surprisingly enough I mentioned that I may go home – I was a bit tired. She slipped me her number on a napkin and told me to call when she got off work. When I got my phone back, I messaged her and thanked her for the intellectual conversation and told her how great her pussy was, and how I’d love to taste it. Nothing like moving from classy to CLASS-AY!! in 160 characters.

I got waylaid on my way back home (as you do in Angeles City) and ended up drunk at a bar on Perimeter. Well fuck me, I got a message back asking where my hotel was? She was coming right now. I figured I better get the paperwork out of the way and asked “how much cash should I get from the ATM?”. “wla” was the response (nothing!). Okaaaay… I send her my address (was not at a hotel but had a friends apartment I could use in case of emergency).

Holy moly that girl went off!! It was as if she hadn’t been banged for years, but she knew all the nasty shit to make me go lala. Next morning she said she needed to go and had a shower, joined, fucked, woo.

Anyway, because of that experience I’ve always liked it there. Never got any photos or anything because I was too busy experiencing it and ‘no cameras’.

Dunk Shot is in Diamond Subdivision sort of turn left on… ah fuck it, here’s a map.

2 Replies to “D is for Dunk Shot – Angeles City”

  1. Fiddledy dee! I don’t like dunk shot much. It a bit smelly for my liking. Too far away from the action and nothing else around. Pretty quiet there too…. maybe busier in 2015?

    1. Hey Ronnie – I was there about 2 weeks ago and it was by no means full, but was still a few girls there. I had to ask to see a few though… they all hide backstage.

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