O is for… I tried OnlyFans and now I feel dirty

Let me tell you a tale about my little adventure into the world of OnlyFans. You see, I’m an old cunt who’s had his fair share of craziness in the bars of Bangkok, Pattaya, and Angeles City. But it turns out, the real shocker wasn’t those wild nights; it was my brief rendezvous with OnlyFans. Yep, that’s right, strap in (or on?) for the ride.

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K is for… Kokomo’s

Before I start banging on about Kokomo’s, I wanted to say sorry. Sorry I’ve let my writing down a bit. I mean it’s not like I’m George R R Martin and it’s not like you’re waiting for the next instalment of Tyrion bringing a honeycomb and a jackass to a whore house. Thanks to those that have been hassling me to write more.

Kokomos Menu Inside
Kokomos Menu Inside. 10% discount for hotel guests. Does that count for short time?
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J is for… JAPAN (Part 1: Tobita Shinchi – 飛田新地)

Men look around Tobita Shinchi

I booked for 30 minutes but only lasted 12 minutes.

After my last attempt to find a great bar starting with J with only apathy and disappointment as a result, I had a three-month hiatus where I couldn’t possibly commit my words to paper (or WordPress). 

During this time I made a very short stop in the land of the rising sun.

Well. Fuck. Me.

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