Angelwitch, Angelwitch and Angelwitch

I love Asian girls wearing glasses

I gotta be honest with you. Three of my favourite bars are called Angelwitch. I first encountered the Angelwitch in Angeles City near Walking St. Not entirely sure what to think of it, my friend – an avid homosexual Elvis enthusiast – decided it was worth paying the DJ four thousand pesos to get on stage and mime to Heartbreak Hotel. It was that moment I fell in love… with the girl in the red bikini and the glasses (did I mention I love girls in glasses?).

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J is for… Turning Japanese (日本人) – Soaplands (ソープランド)

I promised a Part 2, and here it is! While I was only in Japan for a short while I did manage to have a few experiences in the local whore houses of Osaka.

Plate of sashimi

I’ve always written off Japan – probably because it’s so fucking expensive for everything except fantastic food, but I realise now that there is a value to quality over low cost.

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