C is for Crazy House – Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

Crazy House is at the end of Soi Cowboy (Bangkok), and then just turn right. Go there… mmmkay? It’s fucking fantastic. It’s one of the only places I’ve seen a plethora of vagina in my face that’s not masked by shyness or a short pek-pek skirt.

Here is what it looks like during the day

It opens at 8. Get there on fucking time you wanker because after 8 there will be no seats left. But wow, what a view when you do get there. It’s a two floor place, and they open upstairs a bit later I think.

For most of the night, girls are wandering around starkers. Fucking nothing. Flashing their pussies in your face. It’s wonderful.

Oh and if you’re on the ground floor, look up. It’s like Baccara – you can see up through the glass floor at the glistening labia.

Don’t even know if this is Crazy House, but it looks nice

I fell in love here once with a Laotian girl who walked up to me, completely nude, and asked for a drink. I ended up spending the next 2 days and nights just basically banging her, eating, sleeping, and banging more. Was the best weekend in Bangkok ever.

Just turn right at the end of soi cowboy

So out of five stars I give this one massive boner and a wad of Baht.


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  1. I should mention that the featured image is Crazy House in Pattaya. It’s not as good. But hey, it’s Pattaya… so go fucking nuts ya jerk.

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