B is for The Body Shop Bar – Angeles City

(Website: http://www.bodyshopbar.net/sample-page/)

You’d think that B would be for Baccara in Soi Cowboy. A worthy establishment for a casual pervert like me who likes to use the mirror on the bar to stare up the skirt of some amazing young thing who is baring her pussy for all to see. No.

Instead I’d like to tell you about my favourite B bar. The Body Shop, on Real Street more or less behind Atlantis.

Looking at Body Shop from the Street can be deceiving.

For most people, they’ll look at this place and head off to empty their wallets in front of a bunch of dancing girls. But Body Shop is about more than that. It’s more like a friendly neighborhood bar with a bunch of hot young girls in bikinis serving you up drinks and flashing the occasional hairy (or bald) monster.

I just think that I’m more at home in a slightly “homey” bar than I am in a super club. It’s great that the girls there are generally hot too.

The only thing I’d recommend in this place, is get there early – happy hour starts at about 2pm and you can be happy in your bed with some company before dinner (hey – I suggest take her out!)

Oh and don’t mistake it for this place:

The girls in here may or may not be as good, but it smells like cheap toilet spray. Don’t do it. Unless you’re trying to impress someone.

I give Body Shop (the bar in AC, not the fucking nice smelling chain store) a pile of fucking viagra and an erect cock.

Viagra, Cialis, This is BOUND to end up in the spam box.
Please order from the menu Sir.


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