Angelwitch, Angelwitch and Angelwitch

I gotta be honest with you. Three of my favourite bars are called Angelwitch. I first encountered the Angelwitch in Angeles City near Walking St. Not entirely sure what to think of it, my friend – an avid homosexual Elvis enthusiast – decided it was worth paying the DJ four thousand pesos to get on stage and mime to Heartbreak Hotel. It was that moment I fell in love… with the girl in the red bikini and the glasses (did I mention I love girls in glasses?).

I love Asian girls wearing glasses
I love Asian girls wearing glasses

So the night went something like 200 San Mig Lite’s followed by a bar fine and long time boom boom in my hotel room. Followed by breakfast, more boom boom, a trip to SM, lunch, about 3 hours at work, SMS “r u cum anglwch?”, early bar fine, back to hotel repeat for 5 days.

For those who haven’t been there, Angelwitch AC is a rock bar. There’s a pool table and it’s adjoining another bar which is now called Angelwitch Too (used to be called Roadhouse). The girls are friendly in Angelwitch, but not the hottest tottie on Walking St.

Bored girl waits for her friend to finish draining a foreigner's wallet
Bored girl waits for her friend to finish draining a foreigner’s wallet

Now… let’s traverse Asia to another Walking St in Pattaya.

Three girls dancing on stage at Angelwitch Pattaya
Aaaaaiiiiiiiiiii wanna swiiiinnnggggg from the chandiler… from the chandlieeeeeeeeeeerah

Angelwitch Pattaya is NOTHING like AC. Imagine a fully choreographed stage show with a strict set of bouncer-bitches making sure you don’t touch the merchandise (unless you’re paying). But there are smoke machines, strobe lights and spotlights with an arena type feel to the entire layout. If you’re there looking for a relaxed drink, try somewhere else. From my experience, the girls (and some I assume are not girls) are very sexy, professional and nothing but hustlers. Love it.

Several girls ready to go at Angelwitch Nana, Bangkok
Several girls ready to go at Angelwitch Nana, Bangkok

Over in Bangkok, in Nana Plaza, Angelwitch is more of a BDSM club with rock music and a considerable amount of spanking happening. Over the years I’ve seen some things that would border on fucking. Maybe actual fucking…

I really enjoy it here for the music and the open-minded girls (and again the girls that I’m not sure about!)

Sometimes it’s more pleasurable to just go with the flow

If you get to check any of these places out, shout about your experiences in the comments below!

2 Replies to “Angelwitch, Angelwitch and Angelwitch”

  1. The spanking at AngelWitch BKK was mostly downstairs, at “Spanky’s” while that was a going concern.

    There are a lot of stories about who owns the bar group that runs Nana Plaza, and how they came into the money (the tenants who own the businesses, not the family company that owns the property) but the impression I’ve always had is that the AngelWitch brand is held more closely and the people employed there are given more serious consideration than at the other bars owned by the group.

    Billboard had become the flagship brand for promoting the model-type girls and Butterflies was like the Billboard farm league for younger girls just starting out in go-go bars.

    AngelWitch always seemed to function as a place for the slightly older, and talented and creative dancers with good hearts and flawed judgment, who wanted to put on a real show. These are the women who the owners wanted to be around.

    1. Yeah fats. The upstairs Angelwitch is a great place. I went to Butterflies a few years back and found that to be nice on the eyes but not as good in experience.

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